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Tatas: after Nano, Swach - a cheap water purifier

After the Nano comes an even more useful product from the Tatas for the real aam admi, including the really poor one who lives in India's villages where there is no electricity yet.

'Swach' is a water purifier that blends environment-friendly materials such as paddy husk ash with germ-fighting nanotechnology to make available potable water to India's poor. At Rs 749, it is a product that can help millions avoid water-borne diseases that, in the absence of an effective health care system, will prove to be a life-saver for many.

Developed by engineers of five Tata companies and to be manufactured by Tata Chemicals, Swach has 14 patents running on it. With the cartridge that provides the cleaning material costing Rs 299, it will cost a family of five just Rs 30 a month.

The Tatas deserve the nation's appreciation and gratitude.


Ugich Konitari said...

Tata's have a tradition of involving themselves in the welfare of the ordinary public. Must be a coincidence, but I just posted a tweet here highlighting that fact....

BK Chowla, said...

I have just posted comment on Ugich Konitari's post.Is it a coincidence that two posts have been published on the same day on TATAs?

manju said...

The Tatas are an exceptional family!

Anonymous said...

May I have the mail or postal address of the design center of Tata ( tata consultancy services) in India , I want to buy these products to the villages that we help.

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