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Quiet ! The assembly is in session !

On Dec 1, 2009, the West Bengal assembly was adjourned for 9 days by the Speaker, because the sound system failed. Members could not hear anything, due to a malfunction in the recently installed sophisticated sound system.

"It will be easier to repair the defect if the assembly is not in session" was the explanation by the PWD minister.

He probably visualized thrown microphones and rampant, violent, running legislators.

Today, Dec 9, as soon as the legislators convened, the main iron gate at the southern entrance to the assembly premises, mostly used by legislators and the media, collapsed suddenly, injuring a staff member, who was taken to Hospital.

Germans from Singapore are repairing the systems. The Opposition leader says the whole thing is a ruse to delay some bills.

How can these people manage an entire state ?


Vinod_Sharma said...

Had it not been West Bengal, one would have safely assumed that more money has gone other than where it was meant to. But even there you never know.

These are symbols of the manner in which democracy is failing in this country. Can anyone read tea leaves?

BK Chowla said...

Not much has been lost.
Last week, in Delhi assly, 6 legislators were sleeping while the proceedings were in progress.
It is same in every state.We can not change these fellows--they can't change themselves too.

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