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New symbol of luck in love: Laila-Majnu plant

Couples and lovers looking for luck in love can now buy a 'Laila-Majnu' plant. Named after the legendary lovers, this plant has been developed after four months of effort by Ram Brikhas Chaurasia.

The plant sold like hot cakes in the recently held Sonepur cattle fair, with newly married couples and lovers buying it with the belief that it will bring them good luck and strengthen their relationship.

What is so special about this plant? Well, its leaves are green on one side and red on the other.

At Rs 35 a sapling, it is not a bad investment, if not for a relationship, at least for a garden. Or even a bedroom, where slightly more 'enterprising' couples will surely place the universal symbol of love, two doves, on this plant! Why take a chance?!


Solilo said...

Hehehehe for newly married couples. Hmm...will we oldy married ones get a SRK-Gauri plant? Dilip Kumar-Saira Banu bhi chalega :))

BK Chowla, said...

Can't believe this.I wish it was available few years ago.I could have bought some.
Now,me and my wife can name one after us.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Solilo and BK Chowla, that guy has called it Laila-Majnu. Go ahead and call it 'Mummy-Papa' or even 'Daadi-Daada'! The idea is love and harmony!

Vineeta said...

Am i thinking of buying this sapling?!! hehehe!! Will atleast try searching in bangalore :D

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