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india tweets is 200 tweets old already!

This Twitter-inspired idea which was born on August 23, 2009, is 200 tweets old already. This is the 200th tweet.

The success of Twitter shows that there is a hunger for tiny bits of info that give a glimpse of a bigger picture. 140 characters are too few to complete it. But in 140 words it can be done, as the tweets in this microblog have shown.

Thanks to Manju, Ugich Konitari, BK Chowla, Happy Kitten, Gopinath, Sagarone, Krishna, Jeena, Sraboney, Mavin, Solilo and Mahesh, names in descending tweet-order, india tweets has already achieved an Alexa ranking of <300,000. Thanks guys for giving form to the idea with your high quality efforts. Keep tweeting!

If you want to be an author, contact any existing author. The more the tweets and the greater their variety, the more popular will your microblog become.


BK Chowla said...

My best wishes to other co-authors for achieving this record.
It shows that people are hungry for decent information without adding sensation to it.

manju said...

Congratulations to 'india tweets'! This type of blogging is a great concept, and I am glad to be a part of it.

ramblingsbybones said...

Congratulations to all the co-authors for making this such an awesome blog...

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