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One id, many tricks.....

A Collector in Andhra Pradesh,has ordered an enquiry into the issuing of a ration Card in the name of Mahatma Gandhi, with his picture, age 65, and listing the father’s name as Godsay. And a fictitious address. Bogus ration cards earlier have been routinely issued there in the names of filmstars, politicians, sportsstars, with a woman Laxmi acquiring one with a photo of Sania Mirza.

Kripashankar Singh, Maharashtra ex Minister connected to Madhu Koda scam (his name appears in the confiscatedaccount books) , has two PAN cards, which is illegal.

Nandan Nilekani says 600 million citizens will get UID cards by 2014.

The objectives are excellent. Problem is the supervision, and morals of some.

Machines may have integrity.How to ensure that people do ?

The mind boggles at the possibilities of scams and bogus happenings…..


Happy Kitten said...

Machines may have integrity.How to ensure that people do ?

nd even when we have the most honest individual at the helm.. our Prime Minister MM Singh

Vinod_Sharma said...

People have more than two PAN cards, DMAT accounts, ration cards etc.Everyone wants to get more and give less than he deserves.

Nilekani has a daunting task ahead of him. How does he put integrity into people or at least ensure that their lack of it does not sabotage the UID card project too?

BK Chowla said...

Happy Kitten says we have the most honest PM.YES, we have.But,can we say that he is not aware of the ring of corruption around him?Has he made any visible efforts to curb corruption?
If the RPO at Lucknow can issue Indian passports to Pak nationals(TOI),the duplicate PAN has no relevance.
With a duplicate PAN one can avoid taxes,but with a duplicate Passport,one can play havoc----exactly what is happening in the country today.

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