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National Geographic makes Kerala smile

Kerala's claim of being 'God's Own Country' has got some heavyweight backing. National Geographic Society's Centre for Sustainable Destinations has rated its backwaters as the world's 23rd best destination.

This certification, after the Thekkady boat tragedy due to which the tourism season dried up, has come as a shot in the arm of the industry. The government which has already completed a series of road shows in Europe, plans to make it its USP.

Tom Pulikattil, who owns a fleet of houseboats, wants the government launch a series of promotional activities. Jose Dominic, who heads CGH Earth, one of the biggest players in the industry, hopes his business will get a boost.

So, head for Kerala before the expected rush makes all attractive discounts disappear.


Vineeta said...

Oh Wow! Thats a great great news! Kerala deserves! And I hope that its beauty just remain as pristine as it is now :)

Happy Kitten said...

nd when are you taking the trip Vinod?

even I hope Kerala retains its beauty..

Vinod_Sharma said...

Vineeta, I hope so too.

Happy Kitten, Oh! I have been there a couple of times. Not the backwaters though! Let's see.

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