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Maybe a name change is required....

Experience says that our Meteorological department simply cannot predict things. They give scientific reasons once the event is over. In other countries, the cyclone makes a landfall where they say it will, and in time, as predicted.

That Cyclone Phyan was supposed to make landfall Thursday (today) early morning was announced. Folks in Mumbai were also advised to stay indoors , offices and schools were let off. After landfall, a good 48 hours of heavy gusty rain was predicted for Mumbai on Thursday.

Maybe the cyclone knew this. It simply whizzed past Mumbai on Wednesday, at 2 pm , more than 12 hours early. Then it even hoodwinked Gujarat , and spoiled predictions by reaching Rajasthan, all weakened.

Thursday, scheduled for heavy rain, is shining with bright sunlight in Mumbai.

Maybe it didn't like the name. Cyclone Rahul, anybody ?


manju said...

A name change is not a bad idea!

Of course, those who got an unexpected half-day's holiday yesterday, were not annoyed at the wrong prediction!

Vinod_Sharma said...

I remember a cartoon in which there was an astrologer sitting in front of the met office and met officers were asking him for weather predictions!

Perhaps this time they did not check with Jumaani whether the name of the cyclone was numerologically "lucky" for them!

BK Chowla said...

Take me seriously,is it possible that the equipment Met Deppt has ,has the same history that Hemant Karkare's life jacket had?

Ugich Konitari said...

Sometimes I think its the same mentality that makes people think that Disaster management, is more about being on a Committee, than management.Even now, the IMD is saying that the municipal folks interpreted the thing wrongly, and all this hype was too much ....

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