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Jagan Reddy's wealth grows exponentially

The wealth of former Andhra Pradesh CM YSR Reddy’s son Jagan Mohan Reddy is growing exponentially.

A contender for chief ministership, Jagan had paid no tax in H1 last year, but has paid Rs 6.6 crore in the first half this year. In H2 last year, he had paid just Rs 2.92 lakh tax for the entire financial year 2008-09, but is now projecting a tax outgo of at least Rs 22 crore, with his personal income expected to cross Rs 70 crore in 2009-10.

He is the only recognised politician in the top 100 taxpayers, according to sources.
Could he have amassed so much of declared, and manifestly many times more hidden, wealth by hard work and honesty?

Is India now going to pass into the hands of such utterly dishonest men and women who so blatantly abuse power?
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Ugich Konitari said...

Someone needs to do a study on why the ability (of our powers that be to pay attention to such blatant corruption ) asymptotically goes to zero, simultaneusly as these guys' wealth increase exponentially.

And of course, if there IS actually such a study, I wonder if anyone will read it .

In the meanwhile , we keep hearing about police constables losing jobs because someone saw them taking a Rs 50 bribe. And a middle class hard working person getting some award is asked to prove he paid tax on it.

I guess money and selective deafness and blindness is a very useful qualification to have.

BK Chowla said...

All this makes a good story though shameful.
In the Govt today,does any one have the guts to take on Jagan?NO.
Politics is all about money and power.And why not?The IT has raided the premises of Kauda(ex-CM of Jharkhand)only two days ago.Can they do the same to Jagan.
I understand ,Jagan,has been allotted a sprawling bungalow in Delhi.Any explaination for this allotment?

Vinod_Sharma said...

Ugich Konitari, even if there is ever any such study done by someone connected with the government, you can be sure that the worst will remain hidden; only that will be revealed which is convenient, does little to disturb status quo and is soon forgotten.

Mr. Chowla, Jagan has been rewarded, quite obviously. Politics has nothing to do with charity; it appears to be big business now, of the criminal variety, Swiss bank variety. Rewards and punishment have both to be swift and telling.

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