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India, I cry: Remo Fernandes

Remo Fernandes, one of India's most gifted musicians, released a single, “India, I cry”, on Facebook on October 3, for free. All Remo asked for in return from those who liked it was that they should it post on their Walls and ask their friends to do the same.

It is now available on You Tube. It is a touching song. Do listen to it.


India, I cry
I cry, India
You were the world’s spiritual flower,
Now you’re just a starving nuclear power.
We’ve built the tall, ivory tower
While the slums outside, grow by the hour.
Your ministers rape you,
Your neighbours love to hate you
You people forsake you
Your movies stagnate you
You gods divide you
Your godmen misguide you.
Your devils in disguise,
are on the rise!
India, I cry
I cry, India...


Happy Kitten said...

The words are apt....

vishesh said...


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