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Corrupt verification

India , ranks 84th on a list of 180 countries in terms of public-sector corruption, with a corruption index of 3.4, much lower that Bhutan, at 5. The least corrupt countries , have a corruption index around 10. (Transparency International(TI)).

Not surprisingly,the arrest in Delhi, of ISI agent Syed Amir Ali, has pointed fingers to Mohd Arshad and Mohd Chand, two agents from Lucknow, who provided him with a real passport in July 2005, for 14,000 Rs.

Passport Office does 2 separate verifications for address. Syed , gave and received his passport at the fake address by registered post .

Syed filed I-T returns between 2004 and 2007, though he landed in Lucknow only in May 2005. He acquired a fake driving licence, a mark-sheet from a local college and also held a bank account.

Whither verification ?


Vinod_Sharma said...

People who dismiss corruption lightly do not know that the cancer of greed hollows a nation from within.

Things have descended to such levels that people will do anything. I am sure this whole passport racket is an organised affair, just like the driving licence one. No one even pauses to think that he may wind up landing with the blood of innocents on his hands. The country in any case never figures.

How do you blame ordinary folks for falling for a few hundred rupees when every day they see politicians selling anything they can to get billions. When the head is rotten, how can the body be functional?

BK Chowla said...

Are you surprised?I am not.
There was a time when one would talk of scams of few 100 rS.
Now we have raised our standards. Now nothing less than few thousand crores makes good corruption story.
In this country including in border areas,it is not very difficult to get a passport,driving licence,voters ID etc.Is it possible that this is happening without corruption.?
After the event is over,after we get slapped-we wait for FBI in America to guide us .

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