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Perumalthevanpatti: an armyman in each family

It is well known that some North Indian states have a tradition of sending young men to join the Army. But there is a southern surprise here.

Perumalthevanpatti, a small village of 750 houses near Srivilluputtur in Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu, has at least one member of each family in the Army. 375 men are serving at present while there are 522 ex-servicemen, many of them war veterans.

The seeds of patriotism were sown by Perumal who joined the Army in 1952 and rose to become a Major. When he came back home, his stories caught everyone's imagination. Since then, at least four young men have been joining the Army every year. Girls of the village too prefer to marry the men in uniform.

Perumal's own son, Major P Thirumal, is currently serving on the Indo-Pak border.


BK Chowla said...

I remember,there was a time when at least one man joined the Army from every family in Haryana and Punjab.
Now,South too.

Solilo said...


Unlike Kerala where there is one in each family who is abroad.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Mr. Chowla, that still happens in some parts.

Solilo, Kerala is the 'Indian Gulf' now!

Solilo said...

There is a place in one of the Kerala districts where one person from every family is in America.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Solilo, are you one of them?

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