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Living 'dead' and dead 'living'

Land grabbers in UP are going to the extent of declaring living people dead and then forging documents to complete the remaining formalities.

This came to light when Lal Bihari, a man who had been declared dead, sought the records through the RTI Act, after making numerous efforts to prove himself alive. He was provided details of 20 'living' dead people in 10 districts even though he had asked for details for the whole state.

Lal Bihari believes there are thousands of such cases in the state and the department has just completed formalities by giving him limited details. Ashok Chandra, Deputy Director Chakbandi department, admits that that there may be more such cases and says he is looking into the matter.

If the living can 'die', surely the dead can keep 'living' if someone benefits and has enough clout.


BK Chowla said...

Our system of governance has touched it's bottom pit.Can we fall below that level?
Unless,there is peoples voice,no improvement will ever take place.

Vinod_Sharma said...

We have become insensitive to such news which keep dropping like autumn leaves every day. There is a sense of resignation that can be turned into hope by a really tall leader who can show the way. Till such a person emerges, or a major blow out happens, nothing's gonna change.

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