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Is this democracy?

"Democracy is built on the oft-tarnished ideal that any man or woman can get elected, but in India ... political dynasties, large and small, have proliferated so rapidly that ... nepotism is corroding the political system.” This is what an article in The New York Times says about India's democracy. There is more:

  • There are 1050 registered parties, but most have no inner-party democracy

  • 9/32 Union Cabinet Ministers have political family links

  • 31/58 women Parliamentarians have similar links

  • 30 or more candidates in Maharashtra, including the son of India's President, are from political families.

“It has gotten into the DNA of the Indian political system,” says Jagdeep Chhokar, because politicians “trust family members more than outsiders”. Ordinary party workers are being shut out.

Is this democracy any more?

Picture: The New York Times


Anrosh said...

india is becoming jagirdar.

Anonymous said...

We could have stayd on as a monarchy... at least then one religion would have flourished... not like now...

Vinod_Sharma said...

An, yes.

Anonymous, I am not sure that would have been such a great idea.

BK Chowla, said...

The way India is conducting itself,in times to come..we may just go back to olden days of RAAJ-RAJWADAS.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Then there surely will be another revolution. This time it might not be of the non-violent type that Gandhi led.

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