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Five-rupee coin saves man

Remember how Amitabh Bachchan's life was saved by his coolie's badge, bearing the holy number 786, in that all time classic film 'Deewar'?

Something equally, if not more dramatic, has happened in real life. Krishna Shetty, a video parlour owner in Mumbai, was saved from certain death by a much smaller five-rupee coin.

Shetty used to be taunted by his friends and relatives for his queer habit of putting his wallet in his shirt pocket.

On Thursday, as he was sitting outside the parlour with a friend, three motorcycle-borne people shot at them. One bullet hit Shetty in the stomach. The other that was headed straight for the heart, hit the five-rupee coin in his wallet, which was mangled by the impact, and fell harmlessly on the ground.

Credit cards or a 'pain-in-the-arse' wallet would not have saved Shetty!


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