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The danger of having 'condom' as an election symbol!

Anand Prakash Sharma, an independent candidate contesting elections from Karnal in Haryana has put the Election Comission in a spot. He wants to be allotted 'condom' as his election symbol. Sharma has been working for the cause of sex workers and AIDS awareness and finds it odd that the EC does not realise the importance of including 'condom' in the list of symbols.

Considering that advertisements on prime time have been showing men and women saying 'condom' loudly in public to an applause, the hesitation of the EC in allowing it to be pictorially depicted is not understood.

May be the EC is worried about where things could quickly lead to: animated discussions in TV studios with 'experts' illuminating a backward nation and EC about the graphic art on temple walls and the fact that we even worship the phallus!


Solilo said...

The candidate no doubt will be the most popular one ever. :))

Vinod_Sharma said...

He might even choose to move around dressed as one during his election campaign!!

Smitha said...

:) Dressed around as one? EC must have thought of all these possibilities before rejecting his request :)

Vinod_Sharma said...

Yes, and also the fear they would quote temple art and MF Hussein to ask for truly graphic symbols in future!

Moksh Juneja said...

The candidate should be called "Condom Man", and he can start using and on facebook he can use the application to connect with his hyper active new potential younger crowd to get them to vote.. and it would be hilarious to see "Vote for Condom", "Condom Man hamara Neta Hai" on these pop sites!

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