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'Austerity' Emperor Style!

President Pratibha Patil is making the most of her position.

Getting the Congress party to field her son for elections was nothing. By the time she demits office, she would have set many dubious records that will almost erase the concept of probity in public life.

In these times when the government is faking austerity, the President is living life 'emperor size'. She is currently on a five-day visit – holiday – to Gujarat. And enjoying the fruits of her position are 117 relatives who have joined her as she visits Somnath, Porbandar, Gir and Dwarka.

Don't be surprised if Rashtrapati Bhavan responds by saying that the President reduced the number of relatives by over 200 due to the drought conditions preveailing in the country.

Will she pay from her pocket like Tharoor and Krishna? You know the answer.


Smitha said...

We read this in the news this morning and were so shocked! Disgusting isn't it? 117 relatives! What a wonderful example our 'esteemed' president is setting!

Vinod_Sharma said...

In retrospect, I think the country is lucky that the Lok Sabha elections threw up a clear mandate. With such a President, God knows what would have happened had there been some discretion available to her in inviting a group to form the next government.

Neeraj | said...

you're too naive if you think tharoor and krishna are really paying for the 5-star hotels with their "own" money. i didn't know gov positions pay so well that they can afford to stay in 5-star hotels for months at a time!

Vinod_Sharma said...

Tharoor might have because he made his money legitimately overseas. About Krishna, it has to be semantics; I don't think he has any other source of income except the tax payer, legally or otherwise.

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