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Achieving the American Dream in India

Hundreds of expats have found that the severe economic crisis in rich nations can be turned into an opportunity in India.

Master chef James Sullivan who lost his job in Chicago, has set up a restaurant, 'Bread of Life' in Varanasi to cater to foreign tourists. He is now planning to expand to Lucknow and Delhi.

For Californian John Howard, language was no hindrance as he started selling solar powered LED lights in UP villages. Filipino Emma Trinidad launched a spa, S2, in Bangalore a year ago and is planning to expand to other cities.

Despite red tape, expats are finding their place under the Indian sun.

Sociologist KK Mishra says this is a dream that only the US once promised. “You can achieve the American Dream here, give your kids a decent education and live a good life.”


BK Chowla, said...

India is a land of opportunity.There is something for every one,depending upon your attitude and aptitude.
It is not funny,Adnan Saami,landed in Mumbai and carried on with his singing career.He said to now own 8 flats in Mumbai.....RBI rules do not allow it though(why don't they act against him?).

Vinod_Sharma said...

Yes, India can be a land of opportunity. And , if all gose well, it could be the next Big one.

Adnan Sami has applied for Indian citizenship, I think.

BK Chowla, said...

Adnan has not applied for citizenship.Even if he has,can he be allowed to break the law-the rules framed by RBI?How did he buy a number of properties in Mumbai which is against the law?Are we equal in front of the law or some more than equal?

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