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YSR Reddy Missing: Another meaningless coincidence?

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YSR Reddy has been missing since 9:35 AM today, when the helicopter in which he was travelling lost contact with the ATC. The Emergency Position Locator of the chopper is also not sending any signals. Rescue helicopters have not been able to locate the missing chopper till now due to bad weather and thick jungles. More than eight hours have passed.

In 1991, former PM Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in the midst of a come-back election campaign. In 2004, former Chhatisgarh CM Ajit Jogi was critically injured in a road accident and almost paralysed. In 2004 itself, Sonia Gandhi failed to become the PM at the last minute despite winning the election. Now Reddy has manifestly met with a serious accident.

All these individuals, except one, are Christians; Rajiv Gandhi was married to one.

Is this another meaningless coincidence?
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