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Warning: Humor Alert - May contains puns..

While it is amply evident from the Shashi Tharoor Twittergate episode that those in the Government do not appreciate humor, it is unlikely that you would find any humor appreciation classes or courses being held anytime soon for the political classes. Dr Shashi Tharoor got away with "control your tweets" kind of tip-off from the party leadership. But soon we may have a situation where humor content may be monitored and controlled!

Here's a limerick to prepare you for what's coming:
The Indian Government will appoint a moderator;
To scan columns n blogs sooner or later;
To look for that pun;
Where infact there's none;
And consign your post to the incinerator!


Vinod_Sharma said...

And if someone still does not fall in line, then he will be sent to the Terminator!

Smitha said...


Vinod's addition is fantastic too :)

Happy Kitten said...


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