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Rare Lotus Disappearing

A very rare lotus found in India in only in one, yes, one pond in Meghalaya is on the verge of extinction. Only 20 to 30 plants are left. Efforts to save the plant have so far not been effective. Conservation experts have tried to cultivate more of the plants by numerous means, including making cuttings, growing them from seeds and high-tech methods such as micro-propagation from tiny bits of sterile plant matter in a dish, without success.

Leading botanist Pramod Tandon says that it is now as important to save the existing samples as to propagate them. The fact that the only surviving examples are on a small piece of private land is making conservation efforts even more difficult.

Without an immediate and concerted effort, Professor Tandon said he feared this species could disappear from India forever.


Smitha said...

Wow! That is interesting. Just one pond in Meghalaya! Fascinating! I hope they are able to conserve it.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Even I did not believe it first. Hope they are.

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