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Frog In Pepsi: What next?

Indians have been finding worms, ants and insects in bottles of Coca Cola and Pepsi in India. In the three cases whose links have been higlighted, fines have been imposed on the multi national giants. Many other cases go unchallenged because the discovery of these foreign bodies is made after a bottle has been opened and part of its contents consumed.

I know some of us will be tempted to say, Govinda-style, that this happens only in India. But wait. What India can do, the US can too. And not just, but bigger and better.

A Florida man found, yes, a frog in his can of Diet Pepsi, when he felt a “disgusting” blob in his mouth. FDA has confirmed that it is a frog. Anything bigger couldn't have got into the can.

Try a big bottle next.


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