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Dog Is Man's Best Friend Indeed!

That dog is a man's best friend has been known for long. But it's not pet dogs alone who prove to be friends in deed.

A stray dog in Bangalore has just shown that, given a bit of love and care, dogs like him too can become our best friends. Two years ago, Johny strayed into Vijay's house looking for food and shelter, made his cow shed his home, and soon became your friendly neighbourhood dog.

Last Friday, Azharuddin Khilji snatched the chain of Chikamma near Vijay's house and ran. When she raised an alarm, Vijay tried, unsuccessfully, to catch him. Johny quickly understood what was happening and took off in hot pursuit. Soon, he caught Azharuddin by his pants and didn't let go till he was nabbed.

Unlike humans, however, Johny remains unaffected by his latest “celebrity status”.
Picture source: The Times of India


manju said...

Nice story! Just think, if Johny had been a human, he would have now been figuring out ways to make money out of his newfound celebrity status!

Vinod_Sharma said...

That is why dog, and not man, is man's best friend!

Happy Kitten said...

very true.. dogs can be one's best friend.. nd they are more sensitive than a human for sure...

Anonymous said...

No doubt dog can be man's best friend. A woman's too :)

Vinod_Sharma said...

How can one forget that?!

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