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Jassey Jaisa Koi Nahin!

Jinnah worshipper Jaswant has gone ballistic and the Congress quiet, the former in anger, the latter in 'gratitude'. Everyone has forgotten that Jaswant whipped Nehru; without that Jinnah couldn't have come out trumps. But, instead of the Congress criticising "Jassa" for criticising Nehru, the BJP is criticising him for criticising Patel.

Since the party has expelled him and Modi has banned his book, family war has broken out, Congress watching in glee, Nehru out of picture, book forgotten – higher sales than gas masks notwithstanding!

Advani's Kandahar lie has been exposed, his association with the cash-for-vote drama in Parliament highlighted, Vajpayee's anguish over Gujarat 2002 revealed, and the BJP called narrow minded, limited and nervous. And Jaswant is not done yet.

The Congress doesn't need to do anything to win an election; the BJP will do enough to lose it!


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