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Gulf of Khambat: Cradle of Civilisation?

Star News is showing a program about the discovery of an ancient civilisation under the sea in the Gulf of Khambat (Cambay),

Googling has revealed that “city like structures” were first discovered in 2000 at a depth of 40 meters off the coast of Gujarat. Dredging in 2001 brought up a 9,500 years old block of wood, 5,000 years older than the Indus Valley civilisation. Subsequently, pottery pieces dated by various Institutions between 13000 ± 1950 and 31270 ± 2050 years old were also discovered.

Some believe that the artifcats found and structures seen under the sea are natural, and that this talk of such an old civilisation is nonsense. NIOT's chief geologist Badrinarayan Badrinarayan, however, argues that this indeed was the cradle of ancient civilisation.

Graham Hancock agrees. His documentary is available on You Tube.


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