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Gandhistan and Gandhi(d)asses

Mayawati is elated that many Central government departments put out huge advertisements in newspapers on August 20, to “remember” Rajiv Gandhi on his birthday at enormous state expense. That has taken the heat off her for the money she's spending on building her own statues. Ministers and CEOs know what it takes to survive in the Gandhi “jungle”. No one wants to be thrown out of this “rain” forest by claimants shouting “Iss jungle mein mujhe bulao!”

Sagarika Ghose tweets on Twitter: “200 govt schemes named after Rajiv Gandhi alone, 400 named after Gandhi Nehru family! We should be Gandhistan”. I think Congressmen should have a common surname: Gandhidass. No caste identification, only two classes: royalty and “dasses” (servants), the latter distinguishable from you-know-who-what by the prefix “d”, and happily saying “I'm lovin' it”.


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