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Waht the !!!!1

Missiles, guns and robotic bomb-disposal units will be deployed in and around Mohali ahead of the diplomacy-laced India-Pak cricket encounter.

Thus screams TOI and other main stream media.

What are our leaders expecting?

When the match ends tomorrow, with no unpleasant incidents (let us all pray!), either India or Pakistan will win.

If Pakistan wins, will they arrest LeT founder Hafiz Muhammad Saeed or hand over to India the wanted terrorists?

And if Pakistan loses, does it mean they secure the right to export more terrorists? After all, we hurt them again did we not?

Has the whole nation gone bonkers over cricket or is it only me?


Renu said...

Cricket time show what we feel inside....

BK Chowla, said...

We as a nation have very little priorities. The so called leaders exploit that particular aspect of our weakness.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Now that India has won and all has gone off well. let's heave a sigh of relief and sport a smile too!

But, you are right. Our leaders should learn to keep politics and parleys far away from stadiums,

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