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Vote for a Tilted Bottle!

Women in two villages in Pune district, are preparing to hold a different type of elections this month.

Sarpanch Alka Bhokse of Pait village, says, "We have given a memorandum. We want to shut down one country liquor shop and two beer shops in our village.''

The women are tired of their husbands' drinking- "They drink and then come home and hit us.''

The law says that the excise department is obliged to close down liquor shops if 25% women in a village put down their names on an application asking for a ban.

In a mandatory subsequent election, if more than 50% women vote for closure of the shops, the Collector closes them permanently.

There are just two election symbols in these elections- a standing bottle and a tilted bottle!


Vinod_Sharma said...

Wow! This is really good news! I hope this trend catches. This is real democracy.

Happy Kitten said...

Wow!.. please let us have an update on this one.. would really like to know if the women won.. if the men cannot control themsleves after gulping liquor then this is the only way out..

manju said...

Vinod Sharma- The news report says- If Pait and Parunde succeed in throwing out liquor shops, they won't be the first in the district to do so. Till date, 13 villages in Pune have voted out liquor shops.

Happy Kitten I hope we get an update on this, too! But this news was 3/4 newspapers, so here's hoping that at least one will follow this story!

Vinod_Sharma said...

That is very heartening news. Wonder why such developments don't find the prominent space they deserve in the media.

BK Chowla, said...

Such news items should have been the breaking news.

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